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Dec 6, 2017

Branding for MCT8-AHDS Foundation


Edited: Dec 6, 2017


AHDS-MCT8 Patient Organization represents patients affected by Allan-Herndon-Dydley syndrome. The small AHDS community, with the invaluable support of the Sherman Foundation, has managed to create this organization aimed at rising interest within the research community in the hope of finding a cure, offering support to patients and their families and lat but not least, rising awareness about this syndrome. AHDS is an extremely rare genetic syndrome that only affects boys. It has no cure and no treatment even though it has been originally described for the first time in 1944. It involves severe intellectual and motor delay.

Website: http://mct8.info/home

Type of Project/Purpose: We have created a tax free foundation and need to improve our visual identity, including: Business cards design , email signatures, printed papers, envelops, PPT presentation templates...

Primary Contact Name: Veronica Popa

Contact Person Email: Forthcoming: veronica@mct8.info

# of Hours: 20